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Makklub is a leading independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants. We formulate, blend, and package our product line from our 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, FL.

We are committed to providing our customers with the very best products on the market, at a competitive price and with industry leading customer service.

Unlike most competitive lubricants, Makklub’s product line has been designed and perfected in the field rather than in a laboratory

Why our Lubricants are Better

In addition to excellent pricing on our products, our customers also receive industry leading technology in our lubricants. All of our fluids have been designed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. In addition to this, all of our lubricants are top-off compatible with with their corresponding OEM and aftermarket equivalents. Designed for real-world operating conditions, they provide an unsurpassed level of service, performance, protection, and fluid life.

Our lubricants are formulated with the finest base stocks and additives on the market which results in our products exhibiting these highly sought after traits:

  • Outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, helping to extend fluid life in extreme temperatures
  • Higher viscosity index compared to competing products resulting in decreased volatility, enhanced protection, and increased flash points
  • Excellent protection against wear, rust, corrosion, carboning, and varnish
  • Enhanced resistance against water contamination compared to competing products

Commitment to Customer Service

The foundation of our success is built on our commitment to provide outstanding service and support to our customers

Quick Order Turn-around
Orders typically ship within 24 hours

Onsite Training & Technical Support
Onsite training for lubrication fundamentals and applications

Complementary Private Labeling
Custom commercial quality labels for all products and container sizes, including MSDS and technical specification

Lubricant Oil Analysis Program
Independent laboratory testing for our fluids in the field

Free Freight Program
Complementary freight on qualifying product orders
exceeding 275 gallons.

Multiple Container Sizes
No need to spend your time decanting. Products available in
2/4/8/16/32oz, quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon
drums, and 275-gallon totes

Shipper-Ready Packaging
All containers, up to 5-gallon pails, are packaged in shipper
ready boxes

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